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(IconaMoon) Free Set 1500+ Icons In 5 Styles Figma Template

Free Set 1500+ Icons In 5 Styles Figma Template.  IconaMoon is a free icon set with +1500 icons in 5 styles. IconaMoon includes 9 different categories. No matter you’re designing for an eCommerce website or a music player app, you can use our icons to deliver a highly understandable message to users and make the best experience in their journey. Our icons are designed in 5 different styles. Choose yours and make the design pop! Our entire library is designed in a 24px × 24px frame with 2px of padding. They are sharp, catchy, and ready to scale up to any size. We designed IconaMoon based on rectangles, circles and lines. That gave us a uniform structure for all icons and that’s just what we want in an icon set! IconaMoon is totally free and you can do whatever you want with it. Take a copy and make it your own. We have plans to release updates every season. More icons to come!
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