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Premium Design UI Kit

Prime Design System Kit is the resource that assists you when you start the UI Design Project. This may be a quick one or the challenge that requires to build Design System. Prime saves lots of time for you and lets you use Sketch smartest techniques built right into the editable components. The Kit contains the following files with components: The Core – the basics of the Kit. It includes all colors, shadows, shapes, icons and fonts. Shared Styles are Light and Dark Mode Themes. Web – It includes all necessary elements to build UI. First of all hundreds of essential elements (buttons, checkboxes), through more complex components (cards, page indicators, modals) into the entire Page Section Templates. Mobile – The Library for iOS and Android Native Mobile UI Design. Illustration System – the set of premade and editable elements for UI illustration purpose. Devices – vector device mockups of iPhone, Apple Watch and MacBook Pro created for Sketch Prime Charts – moreover, a collection of all major data visualization types. They are ready to customize and use in your projects.
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